All employers are required by law to calculate and pay tax and national insurance contributions for each employee. There’s also legal documentation related to payroll that must be kept in order.

With constant changes in employment legislation and tax laws, the payroll process is increasingly difficult to administer, and payroll is an area of your business you really don’t want to get wrong.

Neither your employees nor HMRC want to be paid incorrect amounts or late. Doing so has consequences that are best inconvenient and at worst costly.

By outsourcing your payroll tasks to specialists like us, you’ll have the peace of mind that payments are made and documents submitted – every time and on time.

We take care of all aspects of your payroll for a cost-effective, fixed fee per payslip. You just have to tell us the rate of pay for each employee and how many hours each of them has worked.

Our payroll services include:

  • Setting up a payroll system.
  • Providing statutory documentation, like P45s and P60s.
  • Ensuring correct PAYE, national insurance contributions, statutory sick payments, maternity payments, etc. are made.
  • Processing (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) payroll, including complex payment structures, such as bonuses and commissions.
  • Preparing employee payslips (emailing them to you or sending laser security mailers).
  • Supplying salary breakdown reports showing relevant contributions and deductions.
Employees earning more than personal allowance threshold - they're to be automatically deducted by the employer and paid to HMRC on employees behald
Employees earning more than £155 a week and under State Pension age - they're automatically deducted by the employer and paid to HMRC on employees behalf
Employers pay these directly on their employee's expenses or benefits P11D submissions